Soundwaves Academy
As a Professional Institute we believe in training rather than just coaching. Our training sessions feature a range of exercises and great projects to work on, coupled with skill developing tasks, partner work to improve reactions and level-specific challenges.  

All training sessions are held in our premises, a premium studio with excellent facilities. The studio is well equipped with 7.1 mix room, dubbing room and Foley room with topline industry standard gears.
Our faculties are part of top Association and have gained heights on their career path. We are dedicated towards quality training and yes we are proud to say that "We shape Engineers"


 In the fast blooming and ever increasing media industry Soundwaves Academy (SWA) becomes the stepping stone of your entry in this market.

SWA offers you a quick start in the industry in India and overseas may it be Films, Albums, TV Channels, Live performances, Studios Etc. once you enter this world Sky is your limit.

SWA is planned such as to deliver the best Quality education of sound in the best possible ways with student Friendly Atmosphere.
It's a place where practical skills are given equal importance as the theoritical knowledge. You get an atmosphere where you can enhance your creative skills without any hesitation.

Our best faculties give you professional, precise and personalized training to shape every student become a finely polished Gem.

SWA has dedicated efforts by professionals devoted in ensuring Success and overall Growth of students. Each and every activity is meticulously planned and executed with excellent fineness.
SWA has increased the Standards and Quality of Media Education by incorporating the method of not only teaching but training the student right in the Studios, where the actual work of an engineer takes place. It also allows you to work with the finest advanced tools and instruments for improvising your skills at its best.
SWA commits to contribute in all possible ways towards providing best Facilities and Services to take up this career at great heights.

The thought of giving opportunity to every student from the weakest class of the society has resulted in most reasonable fee structure for the courses offered.

The Joy of Accomplishment is derived from the belief of being able to bring out the best inside each student through proper training and enabling them to face the industry positively and confidently.
  1. Soundwaves Academy Film Mix Room
  2. Soundwaves Academy Surround Mix Room1
  3. Soundwaves Academy Surround Mix Room2
  4. Soundwaves Academy Dubbing Room
  5. Soundwaves Academy Foley Room
  6. Soundwaves Academy Surround Mix Console
  7. Soundwaves Academy Surround Mix Controller
  8. Soundwaves Academy Surround Mix Controller1
  9. Soundwaves Academy Mix Room
  10. Soundwaves Academ Mix Room1
  11. Soundwaves Academy Leisure Area
  12. Soundwaves Academy State of the art monitors
  13. Managing Director
  14. Soundwaves Academy best Microphone
  15. Soundwaves Academy Avid Native
  16. Soundwaves Academy Creative Minds
  17. Soundwaves Academy Facilities
  1. Mahesh Mithiya
    My career, my livelihood, my friends and peers... I honestly owe it all to Soundwaves Academy. Seriously. #iloveswa
  2. Rajesh M
    Because they made something big very easy to use #iloveswa
  1. Kailash Kher
  2. Kunal Ganjawala
  3. Naresh Kamath
  4. Kapil Thirwani
  5. Shreya Ghoshal
“They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don't know it” 
                                                                                                                                                                  ― Nicholas Sparks, Dear John

We have a group of best faculties which will help you reach the goal you set for yourself on this carrier path.