In the fast blooming and ever increasing media industry SWA becomes your stepping stone to your entry in this market. Swa offers you a quick start in the industry in India and overseas may it be Films, Albums, TV Channels, Live performances, Studios Etc. once you enter this world Sky is your limit.
SWA is planned such as to impact the best Quality education of sound in the best possible ways with student Friendly Atmosphere.
Swa is a place where practical skills are given at most importance and you get an atmosphere where you can enhance your creative skills without any hesitation. Our best faculties give you friendly and personalized training and shape every student become a finely polished Gem .
SWA has a dedicated effort by professionals devoted in ensuring Success and overall Growth of students. Each and every activity is meticulously planned and executed with excellent fineness.
Swa has increased the Standards and Quality of Media Education by incorporating the method of not only teaching but training the student right in the Studios, where the actual work of an engineer takes place. It also allows you to work with the finest advanced tools and instruments for improvising your skills at its best.
SWA commits to contribute in all possible ways towards providing the best of the Facilities and Services to take up this career. The thought of giving opportunity to every student from the weakest class of the society has resulted in most reasonable fee structure for the courses offered.
The Joy of Accomplishment is derived from the belief of being able to bring out the best inside each student through proper training and enabling them to face the industry positively and confidently.
Soundwaves Academy has students coming in from all over the globe, from countries such as New Zealand, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Korea, Spain, Holland Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Morocco, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and many more..

Our strength lies in the hands-on short-term courses under one roof that equips you to be a well-informed entertainment professional.

Our commitment towards shaping the excellent talent makes us to be the first choice for students.
Fees Payment
Soundwaves Academy has kept multiple payment options.

a) Pay by Cheque/DD in Favour of "Soundwaves Academy"

b) Net banking,
    Credit Card/ Debit Card
    Use the convienence of paying online with the secure servers by Clicking Here .

Please make sure to confirm the amount with one of our Advisors before making online payments.

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